Texas Bag Lady - Introduction

To all my customers,

To quote a song from one of my favorite movies “Now, I’ve had the time of my life….and I owe it all to you….."

A suggestion from my husband that I find “something to make that we can sell when I retire” brought about the Texas Bag Lady. And shortly after he retired, he discovered how much effort was involved and went back to his former work. So, for 19 years I have made purses, done shows and traveled without him (most of the time) with friends & family

The time has come to close up shop on the Texas Bag Lady purses. I have been making them for 19 years now and the sewing has taken a toll on my hands & wrists. I have developed arthritis in my thumbs and it is radiating up to the wrists. And, quite simply, it hurts like hell!!!! I have been treating it this past year and although it is better, I know that I cannot continue to sew as I have done in the past.

So, the shows that I am scheduled to do this year will be my last big push with the purses. I will try to have all designs at all remaining shows. However, if I run out of lining fabric the purse will be gone for good. I will try to do special orders for those of you that have requested them in the past, but depending on the discomfort, it may take a bit longer.

I will plan to do one last show next year with all remaining purses, scarves, iPad covers etc. to clean house. Needless to say, there will be some great bargains at that show but inventory will be limited, I am sure.

I can’t tell you all how much I have enjoyed doing the shows through the years. I have met so many nice people who have become friends. I have traveled places that I never even knew existed like Stone Mountain, GA and St. Charles, MO. I met Sami Gayle Dwyer and found out I could stay close to home and still do excellent shows.

I have had the help of family & friends to make the business successful. My son has been my webmaster and kept the web page looking good all these years. My younger sister & daughter have always been there to help me and have a fun weekend when I called on them. My older sister & Aunt Mike joined me in St Charles for family reunion and the shows up there. My friends in Arizona (Helen & Linda), Candy in El Paso, Eileen (my neighbor) and Camber (friend who just joined the team last year) always “jumped” at the chance to help…..sorta’. Mostly, we have all had fun and made a little money while doing it.

So, please come to a show this fall and pick up your purses, scarves, etc. as I close up shop. I look forward to seeing all of you one last time…..and I really have had the time of my life!!!!!


  Please e-mail if you have any questions.