Texas Bag Lady - Introduction

Twenty years have flown by & this is my last season. Thanks to all my wonderful customers/friends for your support through the years. I’ve had a ball.

Welcome to the TEXAS BAG LADY website. This marks the first year of retirement – no more purses, no more setting up in hot, cold, wet weather……I think I can handle this.

I again want to say to all my loyal customers through the years how much I appreciate your support. Without you, I could never had done this for twenty years. My goodness, where did the time go? When I began in 1994, I thought it might work, maybe for 5-7 years….and then it was 20 in a flash.

I got to travel and see some wonderful shows while selling my purses. TACEF here in Kerrville was my first show, then I went on to Yellow Daisy in GA, then to Festival of the Hills in MO…..lots of miles but loads of fun.

Thanks to all my family & friends who helped along the way. I hope you had fun helping me – even if you didn’t, you acted like you did. And sharing the time was certainly fun……

A special thanks to my webmaster Jacob, who always made the changes when I emailed them to him, even if the last one was proclaimed as the final version. Your patience is appreciated. Now just this last time (I promise) and you can take your retirement.

See y’all at the shows…..I’ll be the one buying instead of selling.


  Please e-mail if you have any questions.